Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DONATE for your chance to WIN!!!!!

Help me reach my goal and you could win!!!!
For every $10 you donate to my AVON walk between NOW and May 14, 2009 you get your name thrown into a pot. The first drawing will take place on May 15, 2009. Just go to my AVON page (listed below) and donate what you can. Post a comment on my blog letting me know you donated and that's it. You are eligible to win lots of cool goodies.
Goodies to be won....
My Minds Eye "Enlightened" Acrylic Stamp Set, "Enlightened" ribbon, 3 packs of "enlightened" glitter stickers, My Minds Eye "graceful" ribbon and "graceful" alphabet stickers!!!!
Oh and what would a Jenn giveaway be without bling? So I'm throwing in some gemstones and pearls to go with it! WHAT A DEAL!!!!! All of this is valued at over $40!!!!

So PLEASE donate if you can! EVERYTHING helps!!!! Tell your friends!

MANY Thank You's!!!!!!!!!

http://www.avonwalk .org/goto/ jenncarlen


  1. So I would love to do this, do I just go to the site and put it on there? Thanks for the help!!

  2. YES! Just donate whatever you can and you get added to the pot one time for each $10. There is a donate now on the website and it will walk you thru the donation. Feel free to come back here and post that you donated but I do get an email when I receive a donation. And feel free to forward to your friends! I have a long way to go before I reach my goal!!!! THANKS!!!!