Thursday, October 21, 2010

Visit my NEW BLOG!

I have a new blog set up at All of my Blogger posts have been transferred over. I am still learning my way around wordpress but I am looking forward to the new adventure. Please tell me what you think!


I have had a good run with Blogger. Sadly they have made the decision to implement changes that have made Blogger a frustrating place. Pictures do not upload properly, sometimes they take hours to load, and last night after spending way too much time trying to upload pictures my entire post just disappeared. So beyond frustrating!!! I tried to contact Blogger only to discover they do not offer customer service. Ummmm really? So I would like to say the decision was a tough one but it really wasn't. Blogging is supposed to be FUN not so frustrating that I dread adding a new post! I have heard good things about Word Press and am in the process of setting up over there. I will let you know when I have officially moved over!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Key West Layouts

I wanted all of our Key West pictures to fit in one album. My goal was to finish the album during my LMNOP scrapbook retreat. Alot of the pages had a ton of pics on them so I didn't embellish much. I was able to get it done most of Saturday by staying up past 1am and then I finished off the last 5 pages Sunday morning before heading home. This trip included New Orleans, Daytona Beach, Key West, Orlando, and a final stop in Mobile.

 Yea....I know the O moved. LOL. I fixed it but didn't feel like rescanning.


This page is supposed to be way up top with the other dogs at the beach page. I swear this new blogger design is killin me. It is a PAIN to load pics and its not so easy to arrange them either. :-(

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Card Swap

In 8 days I am going on the LMNOP retreat! I am so super excited! I am participating in an "artists choice" card swap at the retreat with 8 other swappers. I chose a Christmas theme because once the temperatures drop Christmas is all I think about! Many thanks to my dear friend Leslie who helped me thru my creative block and suggested I add the pop up snowflakes to the card.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vintage Card Class

I took a vintage card class at Archivers with my friend Leslie. It was fun! She was a great classroom partner!
I learned a new technique so I am glad I took the class. I walked away with 4 cards and a tag.

This one was not my favorite. I altered it from the original design but I still don't really like it.

I altered this one slightly. I like it. We used petal soft on the trees. In my opinion its not much differant than flock and not something I would purchase....but the effect on this card is pretty.

This is a gift tag and I LOVE it!
This is my FAVORITE! I love vintage santas!