Sunday, June 27, 2010

July Card Swap

Yesterday I intended on finishing 4 sets of 6 cards each. I only finished 3 sets but when the creativity runs out there isn't really much you can do. LOL.
All of these are for the July card swap in LMNOP.

This one is called one layer wonder. You have to create on the cardstock layer- no adding patterned paper or anything. I think the card looks elegant.....but kinda boring. I feel like I didn't put enough into it but how much can you really put into one layer? LOL.

This card theme was birthday- using orange, green, and blue. I love the green patterned paper, and the orange flower is pretty....I was probably stretching it a bit on the blue bling and blue ink for the stamp but hey....its all in the idea of the artist right? Ha-Ha

This card was supposed to be a thank you card focusing on flowers. has a flower on it- I'm glad the LMNOP girls are not strict or my creative ideas probably wouldn't be accepted. Hee-Hee.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grungeboard Bracelet

I saw this tutorial on Split Coast Stampers last week for a grunge board bracelet. I never wear jewelry but I thought the bracelet was so cute I wanted to make one. I had all the materials I needed so I made it tonight.

I didn't exactly follow the tutorial but that is because I was going by memory. So this is what I did.

I cut a piece of plain grungeboard and ran it thru the cuttlebug with a swirly folder. I then inked the embossed area with my distress ink. Then I thought....hmmm...something doesn't look right. At this point I checked the tutorial and realized I was supposed to paint it first. LOL. So I painted it....let it dry and then sanded it to reveal the embossed area so I could ink it again.

Danny actually has a little tool to add the snap and he even had the snaps. WOW....what a great guy to keep around! I added some embellishments, the snaps, and voila....Jenn has a new bracelet. And its so cute- I might actually wear it!

Project Organization

I have finally gone thru my creativity room and organized a few things. Things were getting so bad I didn't have any table space left to create on. The closet is clean, I have weeded out some things I don't use anymore, and for right now....until I start on my next project, my room is CLEAN! So I figured now was the best time to share a few pictures.


My ink pads are hanging on the wall now and my punches are now organized on the peg board. Underneath the peg board is a basket that holds all my cricut carts. That basket is sitting on a white chest that is FULL of paper packs that someday I am going to go thru and hopefully use. LOL.

My bling, buttons, and other odds and ends are stored in pails and hung from this shelf that is intended to be a towel rack. LOL.

Flowers, my cutters, markers, stamps and a few other odds and ends are stored in this corner.

After cleaning and organizing everything I finally have some open table space to play with.

My computer area...

I'm not quite confident enough to show you my closet area. LOL. The closet has those plastic shoe holders hanging from the doors that are stuffed with extra odds and ends. I have clip-its hanging from the shelf board with embellishments on them. A 50 shelf paper rack, a 10 drawer rolling cart, and some more shoe organizers hanging from the closet rod that holds all my cricut vinyl. LOL.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Don't scrap after 7pm.....

I am not a late night scrapper. My creativity usually fizzles around 7pm no matter what time I start. So truthfully I knew better than to try and make a card tonight. But Danny was watching TV and there was a tutorial I wanted to try out. Since I started after my normal "cut-off" time I can not say whether the tutorial was bad or if I was bad. LOL. The card looks NOTHING like it is supposed to. Its not folded right, its not cut right, its not scored right.....if you were to look at my card and then the tutorial you would not realize they were supposed to match. HOWEVER.....I do like the card I created so I am keeping it. I am going to try the tutorial again another day and see if I can create the card I set out to make.

In the meantime.... this is what I have.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Card Making Class- July 11th!

I will be teaching a card making class on July 11th from 12-2pm. The cost is $21.00 and includes all supplies. During the class you will make 4 beautiful cards (including the waterfall card featured below) and go home with the instructions in case you want to make them again! For more information on the class please contact me at
Space is limited so please get with me as soon as possible if you want to reserve your seat. Payment is due at the time you make your reservation and is non-refundable.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waterfall Card Tutorial

Here are the supplies you will need to create the Waterfall Card

Scor-Pal (or score blade on your cutter)
Brads (2)
Eyelet (1)
Big Bite (or another type of eyelet setter)
Bling (or other type of embellishment)
Scallop Punch (or whatever you want to put on the squares)
Ink- to distress the edges of the squares and card mat
Paper cut as described below-

Card Base- 4 x 5.5 (mine is brown)
Card Mat- 3x5 (mine is pink)
Long Strip- 2x9 (mine is pink) - Score strip at 2", 2 3/4", 3 1/2", and 4 1/4
Horizontal Strip- 1x2 3/4 (mine is brown and pink pattern)
4 squares- Cut 2x2
4 or 8 scallops to fit inside the 2x2 squares ( I used 8. 2 on each square and one of them is added on top of the other using a pop dot for a 3 dimensional look)

Score your 2x9 strip

Next get your 4 squares ready. I inked mine around the edges and then added scallops on top of them. I actually used 2 scallops on each card and attached one on top of the other with a pop dot.

Now get ready to adhere your squares to the scored strip. Lay your strip vertically.
The bottom part of the strip is exactly 2x2. Adhere the first square in this 2x2 section. You are glueing down the entire square.

Adhere the next square just under the score line. You are only adhering the part of the square that fits between the two score lines- not the entire square.
Continue adding the rest of the squares between the 2 score lines.

Congratulations- the hard part is done.
Next you are going to ink your card mat.

You are going to add your horizontal strip now. I punched two holes and added brads to hold it in place. The strip should be about an inch from the bottom of the mat.

There is no glue behind this strip because the long 2x9 strip with your squares on it is going to slide underneath it.
First cover the strip with glue as shown below.

Glue down the bottom square.
Next fold the strip under.

So now are you almost done!
Add your eyelet at the bottom of the pull tab.

Now add your ribbon

Add your embellishments and your waterfall card is done!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Waterfall Card

I have been searching tutorials for awhile now trying to figure out how to make a waterfall card. Tutorials sure do come in handy....but they are even better when they give the correct measurements! LOL! I went thru at least 3 bad tutorials before I was able to put 2 different ones together and figure it out. Making a card should really not be that hard! And once I figured it out- it was EASY. I don't have time today- but tomorrow I will post my own tutorial for this card and you will see how easy it actually is.

The recipient of the card pulls on the ribbon to create the "waterfall effect". The squares flip over. You can write a message on the pull tab so once the tab is pulled out the recipient can read it.