Sunday, August 22, 2010

ATG- Love it or Hate it???

I finally broke down and ordered an ATG for my craft projects.
The adhesive is SO much cheaper. I calculated I was spending about $100 on adhesive runners when I could get the same amount of ATG adhesive for about $20. Eeeek.
So I ordered a cute pink one from Custom Crops and it took Danny about 10 minutes to load it for me. LOL. I figure I must have him or another "wise loader" in my presence if I ever run out of way am I patient enough to try and figure that out!
So here is my issue- this gun is NOT for left handed people!!! I can NOT see where the adhesive strip is- and I swear this afternoon more adhesive went on my desk than on my projects! I am fairly versatile with my right hand but I think this gun requires too much coordination for me to be able to use it right handed. I could crank my neck around and possibly see where the adhesive strip is.....but what a pain (literally!)

Any other lefties out there with my problem? Not sure what to do besides maybe just practice with it. The cost savings are so great...I hate to give it up... but goo gone is kinda expensive and its looking like I need a whole jug of it for my desk so in the long run it might not be that much cheaper!

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