Sunday, June 27, 2010

July Card Swap

Yesterday I intended on finishing 4 sets of 6 cards each. I only finished 3 sets but when the creativity runs out there isn't really much you can do. LOL.
All of these are for the July card swap in LMNOP.

This one is called one layer wonder. You have to create on the cardstock layer- no adding patterned paper or anything. I think the card looks elegant.....but kinda boring. I feel like I didn't put enough into it but how much can you really put into one layer? LOL.

This card theme was birthday- using orange, green, and blue. I love the green patterned paper, and the orange flower is pretty....I was probably stretching it a bit on the blue bling and blue ink for the stamp but hey....its all in the idea of the artist right? Ha-Ha

This card was supposed to be a thank you card focusing on flowers. has a flower on it- I'm glad the LMNOP girls are not strict or my creative ideas probably wouldn't be accepted. Hee-Hee.

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