Thursday, April 22, 2010

Retreat Bound and a Tick Tock

I haven't posted in forever because I have been saving all my projects for my retreat this weekend. I am packed and ready to go!!!!

Yesterday at Hobby Lobby I bought a few little black and white things that I found in the garden department. Black pails, an organizer, some cute bead curtains, some bird hooks, and this adorable vinyl lamp sticker for the wall with BLING!

I hung the bead curtains right away and I love the light they let in. My old curtains were heavy and dark. These are just very girly and fun. I plan on cutting some vinyl words and decorative pictures this weekend for my black pails and I will organize everything when I get back.

I did get inspired to shabby up a clock that I have. It was pink and I have had it forever and wanted something differant.
First I painted it with black paint.

I just did a very thin layer of black paint then I added Tim Holtz crackle paint and let it all dry.

I used a big nail file block to sand it all down. It thinned out the black paint and brought thru some of the pink. I added some bling to it also. The pictures don't do it justice. Its super cute.

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